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Find an environment where there are royals floating around. Europe, for example, is an excellent place to find the descendants and family members of crumbled royal lineages. These penniless royals are now almost regular people. Find them hanging around cultural centers of Europe and use your best pick-up line and dating strategies to start up with them as you would with any other person.

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Accessed 17 January How to Marry Royalty. Dating Tips - Match. Dating since , Ellen and Portia officially tied the knot in after the gay marriage ban was overturned in California. As for the DeGeneres and Middleton connection, the New York Genealogical Society announced the news by sending Ellen a letter, revealing that she and Kate are 15th cousins. Oscar-nominated Jessica Chastain began dating Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo in , after her long-term relationship with writer-director Ned Benson came to an end.

The two had a lavish ceremony in Venice last year, with an A-list guest list including the likes of Anne Hathaway. Despite officially tying the knot, Chastain refuses to attend red carpet ceremonies with her partner and remains a shy person. Dark Phoenix , however, this undoubtedly pales in comparison to the fact that Chastain will one day become a countess thanks to her husband. Jon Snow may know nothing, but Kit Harington sure knows how to bad an impressive significant other.

While Jon Snow and Ygritte shared a romance on the show, it soon stretched beyond the confines of the Seven Kingdoms and into real life. Leslie is no stranger to castles, with Ygritte famously losing her life at Castle Black in season 4 of the show. In fact, the castle that Leslie grew up in is now available to rent on Airbnb. Harington also has a royal connection, apparently related to King Charles II through his grandmother Lavender Cecilia Denny when she married the 12th Baronet Harington - a title that has been around since the s.

Together, Harington and Leslie are their own Game of Thrones golden couple on and off the screen - Daenerys Targaryen could have a run for her money.

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He is already one of the most-recognized actors in the world thanks to his eclectic turns in the likes of Edward Scissorhands and Pirates of the Caribbean , but Johnny Depp also has a long lineage of royalty flowing through his veins. This means that a certain Amber Heard technically married into royalty.

Heard met Depp in after working on The Rum Diary and the pair started a relationship shortly after, marrying in However, after a string of alleged violent outbursts on Depp's part, the duo parted ways in and finalized their divorce last year, with Heard pledging to donate her money from the divorce to charity. Admittedly, it involves going back some years, but the tie is still there.

To be honest, a Johnny Depp biopic exploring his royal bloodline sounds like the perfect Hollywood fodder! Although the two worlds may be miles apart, Harring married Carl-Eduard in There is much more to Harring than just a pretty face. Having studied her A-Levels in a Swiss boarding school, she has also been the victim of a drive-by shooting and became an unofficial soap queen thanks to Sunset Beach.

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While Harring has failed to recapture the magic of Mulholland , there is no denying that she made the right choice not to give up her Hollywood dream for Bismarck. A double-whammy for the dating scene, those Gyllenhaal kids have some nobility hidden in their past. Considering that the entire Gyllenhaal name has its own Wikipedia page, the royal connection spreads much further than just Maggie and Jake. Alongside the likes of Britney and Justin and Brad and Jen, Jake and Kirsten originally looked like they could go the distance. The rest, as they say, is history: As for that strong Gyllenhaal name, Jake and Maggie nudge just ahead of Johnny Depp as 19th cousins to Queen Elizabeth but still fail to get an invite to the Royal Wedding.

Kelly was known for her roles in the likes of Rear Window and Dial M For Murder , however, her role in High Society alongside Bing Crosby was to be her last - she even wore her actual engagement ring on the set. The likes of Hitchcock and Herbert Ross attempted to lure her back, but Kelly lived the rest of her days happily married and producing three children with Rainier.

Her son Albert is still the current Prince of Monaco. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. However, some might recognize Winkleman by her official title - Lady Frederick Windsor. Freddie is the first cousin once removed of Queen Elizabeth II, but currently sitting as 47th in line to the throne.

Since then, they have gone to many royal engagements and have two girls together. In , Winkleman was involved in a head-on collision with another car and suffered life-threatening injuries.

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Although she is officially a Windsor, Sophie still uses her maiden name in her acting career. How much truth was there in the rumor about the future king of Spain and Gwyneth Paltrow? According to royal expert Andrew Morton, there was more than just friendship between Gwyneth and Felipe before his engagement to Ortiz. Paltrow is a much bigger star than Felipe VI's actual wife, currently taking on an ever-expanding role as Pepper Potts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As for those Queen of Spain possibilities, there is no solid proof to the claim apart from a couple of whispers.

That being said, Paltrow has previously gushed about her love of Spain and even called it her second home. Another golden oldie, screen legend Rita Hayworth shared a headline-grabbing marriage with jockey and playboy Prince Aly Khan. Khan was the son of Sultan Muhammed Shah and sought to woo Hayworth after her marriage to Orson Welles came to an end.

As well as a clash over how to treat their child, there were prevalent rumors that Khan was having a fling with another actress, Joan Fontaine. In , Khan had been spotted dancing with Fontaine in the same nightclub he met Hayworth in. Taking her daughter and fleeing to Lake Tahoe over fears of abduction, Hayworth established legal residency and filed for divorce in for "extreme cruelty, entirely mental in nature.

Here comes Felipe VI again! Married for over 13 years now, the tale of Letizia Ortiz and King Felipe VI is one of the few that that still has a happy ending. Watching her on the news, Prince Felipe took a shine to Ortiz and asked journalist Pedro Erquicia to set up a meeting between the pair.

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At a dinner arrangement, Ortiz reportedly gave Felipe her number and the two began dating in secret a few months later. Many were shocked when Ortiz announced her engagement and started sporting an impressive baguette diamond engagement ring in It came as a big surprise, mainly because she was seen as a commoner, but also because she was divorced from her first husband in Letizia and Felipe tied the knot in Madrid in and marked the first wedding in the capital for nearly a century.

Felipe took to the throne in after his father abdicated and the happy couple has ruled side-by-side in relative harmony with their two daughters since. Stephanie is the youngest daughter of Kelly and Rainier and was the one traveling with her mother in the car during a fatal accident in As for Stephanie, she married then divorced her former bodyguard and had an equally short-lived union with acrobat Adans Lopez Peres.

She married him after his relationship with Fiat heiress Clara Agnelli fell apart and the pair embarked on a whirlwind marriage. Deciding that she wanted to be more than just a stay at home princess, Diane started her fashion work only a year after they were married and is often credited with the invention of the legendary wrap dress. The couple had a notoriously open marriage and divorced in , with Egon often speaking about his fluid orientaiton afterward.

The full title is Prince Frederic von Anhalt, Duke of Saxony and Westphalia, Count of Ascania, however, it was only recently that he confessed to swindling his way to the illustrious name. When moving to the USA in , Anhalt soon became a socialite of the scene and a prime candidate for a marriage to the well-to-do Gabor. They met when he crashied a party in Holmby Hills.

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  4. Gabor was 65 at the time and Anhalt was Bonding over their love of Munich, the pair were married two years later in what was his seventh marriage and technically her eighth - the one to Felipe de Alba had been annulled. Despite many warning Gabor over her new beau, the pair tied the knot regardless and remained married for the next 30 years. The internet is awash with pictures featuring Naomi Campbell and Albert in intimate displays of public affection, but the pair never made it official. Campbell was once something of a bachelorette in her own right and was declared as only one of six models in her generation to earn the title of supermodel.

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    4. Being her own fashion royalty, Campbell's previous love interests have included U2 bassist Adam Clayton and F1 racing head Flavio Briatore , however, Albert is the only one with a royal title. Coincidentally, it was in that he was rumored to be dating Campbell and gave a frustrated interview with French magazine Madame Figaro abou this orientation. However, with Campbell making her name as a spirited icon of the fashion industry, what else did anyone expect?

      Actor Casper Van Dien may have been born into a long line of military relatives, however, he went down the thespian route. It was thanks to this that he captured the attention of his wife Catherine Oxenberg.

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      Oxenberg and Van Dien married Graceland Wedding Chapel and stayed together until , when he filed for divorce. During their time together, the pair appeared in short-lived reality series I Married a Princess. Although Catherine has no noble rank and is not technically recognized as a princess by any government, she does hold the title of being the only royal ever to host Saturday Night Live. American actress Meghan Markle.

      For a while, it looked like Harry might be destined to make an honest woman out of his long-term girlfriend Chelsy Davy, however, the fairytale fell apart. It clearly went well, with them meeting two more times before Harry invited her on a trip to Botswana with him.

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