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I got plenty of offers to meet up, but I continued to turn them down. I was just too nervous, and to be honest, my tinder conversations at this point were the most experience I had with guys at all pathetic, I know. Misery — it hit an all time low. My 16 year old sister got a boyfriend before 22 year old me. And the questions came pouring in.

This process needed to speed up. I answered the crude messages and all I did was talk dirty. The words came pouring out of my mind onto my phone screen and before I knew it I was telling guys that I wanted to sit on their faces and how I wanted to tie them up and let me use a whip on them. I spent the entire month of October sexting close to 20 or 30 different guys. Now it was time to do something about it. I stayed on tinder and cut down the guys from 20 or 30 to 5. That way I could keep them thinking about me and I could learn exactly what I needed to about sex. I needed a new plan.

I researched birth controls and cheap ways to get it.

Could voting help you land a date?

I landed on Planned Parenthood and made myself an appointment and got it for a good price. I watched porn every night. Kinky, romantic, and just plain fucking. I watched the girls and wanted to mirror exactly what they did, not matter how good or bad it felt for them. I read books and articles on losing your virginity, psyched myself out every time, but I wanted to know what it was going to be like, I needed to know. I learned sex positions, imagining a guy telling me how he wanted to fuck me and I would have no idea what to do.

I needed to pop my own cherry. There was no way I was going to let any guy know that he was taking my virginity. But I was persistent. Every time I tried to put it in, I pictured the porn I saw, the porn that really made me wet. Finally, I pictured my 16 year old sister, my cousins ages 20, 14, and 13, all with boyfriends or girlfriends.

And then there was me. My blood boiled and my adrenaline started pumping and I shoved it in and I had to muffle my scream because it hurt so badly. I went to the store and bought a box of condoms. I had learned the sex moves, kicked my ass into shape, popped my cherry, and learned to talk dirty. I had 4 of my original 5 guys left practically begging to fuck me.

I started sending them Snapchats and they progressively got pretty dirty. And by pretty dirty, I mean raunchy and vulgar. I had to pick one to fuck first. His girlfriend had recently broken up with him and he constantly sent me Snapchats or texts saying that I was hot and asking how I was doing. Usually I turned the conversations dirty. I decided that 4 was the one that I wanted to lose my virginity to.

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One day I went to work with a packed bag…mostly full of condoms, kinky sex toys he had told me about a fantasy he had where the girl was controlling him , and lingerie. I texted him saying he should meet me at a motel at midnight. He said he had plans to go to New York for the night with his friends. In that moment, I felt rejected, humiliated, and ashamed.

My blood was boiling. Before I knew it, I was home from work loading on tanning lotion, makeup, nail polish, and sending Snapchats to 3 so he could have a little preview. I threw on a coat and walked out my door at midnight. He lived a half hour away. I stood in the cold for about 10 minutes before he finally let me in.

He told me to come in quietly because his family was upstairs sleeping. I started walking down the stairs and I only got half way before he had his hands around my waist and pinned me against the wall. I climbed on top of him and we started feverishly making out. His hands were all over my body and it only took about 30 seconds before he was slapping my ass and stuck his fingers in my vagina.

He pulled my underwear off and put on a condom and before I knew it I was wearing nothing but my black heels and my legs were around his shoulders and he stuck it in. He liked doggy style, so we did it for a while, but then he wanted head. Man, did he love that. He came in my mouth and I asked if he was going to get hard again. I do not know how he finds the time in the day, but he does. He is never without dates or some kind of sexual prospect because he is a dandelion, scattering his seeds upon the wind. Another very sexually driven acquaintance did something similar in meatspace: Unless you have some amazing qualities which can present themselves well in an online form, you may have some work ahead of you.

What griphus said, plus, WTF: Are you "that hot"?

Even in the most wildly successful scenarios, losing your virginity through online hookup is not going to bring you any closer to having an actual relationship with a human being. All the process and embarrassment and compromise that leads up to losing your virginity is a necessary part of learning how to be in a relationship. This may look like a shortcut but really it's completely irrelevant to what you're presumably looking for.

Hello, I am a year-old straight male who is a freshman in college. I'm a 40 year old male and this strikes me as damn odd. Single sex schools must have had mixers or something right? You didn't go to school year round, what do you do during the summers off? Did you actually try to hook up with any girls from college or are you just looking for a quick lay? It's not clear from what you've written, but I'm getting the impression you're looking for an easy route to sex. That's understandable, but at some point you're going to have to practice talking to women and navigating the waters of flirtation and getting to know each other.

Going for a quick hookup may short circuit all that work and leave you flailing about later in life because you never took the time to learn to enjoy getting to know someone. Sex with someone you at least know and like is better. Sex with someone you love is the best, especially if it's done multiple times over months and years. You're missing out on a lot by trying for a single night's hookup. Finally, do you know how you'll react to sex?

Have you ever had a relationship before? You may wind up falling for the person, yet they're only interested in sex, so you end up heartbroken and in emotional pain 'cause that simple physical act and the feelings and emotions it stirs up mean more to you than a one night stand. So think long and hard about this route, because to me it doesn't sound like it'll fix much. It is going to be much, MUCH easier to meet a woman your age at your school. I'm ten years older than you, and one of the things I miss most about college was the built-in dating scene.

There were always available people of your own age and interests to crush on, go out with, hook up with, etc. And there were tons of structured things to do that forced you to meet new people all the time. Not to mention that a lot of otherwise unattached people lived together in big shared houses, so you'd be meeting dozens more people at someone's house party, or by getting to know your roommate's friends, etc.

Now that I'm long out of school, I find it really difficult. Even with OKCupid and the like. It's really, really hard to factor in time to meet potential partners, one by one, after excruciating winnowing and weeding out online, in addition to my job, my pre-existing social circle more and more of whom are married, engaged, or living with a long-term partner , household chores, other interests, etc. I have also been in the position of hooking up over Craigslist because it's been such a long time since I met anyone I actually wanted to date.

Even for someone who is experienced and has lost a lot of preconceived notions about what sex is supposed to be. I feel bad about myself every time I do it. Don't go down that road before you have to. Enjoy the college social scene while you have it. Lots of wowsers quoting from the Hallmark card company guide to sex. My first time wasn't with someone special. If I'd have waited for that, I would have been waiting till I was It was with a random stranger and pretty awkward. And it was fucking awesome. Also fucking awesome not being a virgin any more.

If I'd have been able to hookup online for my first time I would have but it was pre-Grindr, pre-Gaydar, pre-everything. So I met him on a bus. Be honest in your profile, perhaps imply you're kind of green. You might carry it off, you might die in a fire -- regardless, your chances will probably be better the next time.

Remember that more sexually active partners will have a higher risk of STIs, regardless of whether you use a rubber or not; not much you can do about that so be aware of the risk. You don't want a stranger who lives near you telling the tales of your premature ejaculation and crying Surely this is a fantastic reason to do it with a stranger rather than someone in your social circle. Oh gimme a break. I went to a school that consistently shows up on every Worst Party College list we'd do a lot better if it weren't for Brigham Young and those damned military schools.

Most of the girls there weren't that hot. Most of the guys there weren't that hot.

Jane the Virgin losing her virginity

But you know what? Everyone who wanted to get laid i. And usually by someone they knew and liked. Come to think of it, the vast majority of the people I knew who weren't getting any action were the guys who would constantly gripe about how un-hot all the nerd girls were and how they couldn't wait to go back home for Thanksgiving to hook up with all the high school girls. You shouldn't give up without even trying. Chat up someone in one of your classes tomorrow and ask her out.

What's the worst that can happen? And remember, the only one keeping score is you. The only one who cares if you're a virgin is you. And maybe your grandma. Don't let yourself get hung up on it. Y'know, I actually have a guess as to what school you're at - I heard the exact same sentiment expressed continually by the guys at my undergrad. I think others have covered how unattractive that attitude makes you, so on to the advice. I think that you need to try being social at other schools. You're in the right age group, so it's not creepy to try to make friends and score an invite to another school's party.

For example, one of my friends had great success expanding his social circle by taking social dance classes at a nearby college known to more than half female and with a reputation for having plenty of hot women. I don't think your first time has to be with someone special, although there are advantages with that.

If you'd rather it be with someone you don't know super-well, fine, whatever. The reason I'd advise against doing this is that it may very well creep out your future girlfriends. Or, alternately, be a thing you lie to your future girlfriends about. When I was your age never thought I'd say that phrase I did what you are considering. I was way too tightly wound to hook up the normal way. Luckily, im gay and casual sex is possibly what we do best aside from throwing theme parties and quoting the golden girls.

Well, if you were free I was hoping we could get together, you know - something low key, maybe watch a movie or something. And you put your arm around her. And then you make out. Anyway, I was am? And I'm not ashamed of what I did.

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And you shouldn't be either. Be calm, be respectful, be a good listener and a good communicator, be prepared, and most of all: As for which resource to use - facebook might not be a bad bet. It isn't as tainted as, say, craigslist in terms of "meatmarket-ness. No offense but your question makes you seem to be a bit naive about sex. Many students at your school are most likely sexually active even if it is not a party school, and the comment about the lack of hot women just sounds like sour grapes plus as Sidhedevil said the idea that people on a casual hookup site would be more attractive on average than any group of random college-aged people is dubious.

I disagree with some others that have said having your first time in a casual situation will necessarily be terrible or that virginity is always worth saving for the right person, because in the grand scheme of things even an awkward and regrettable first time is probably not a big deal.

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  • I do think you possibly aren't coming into this with the right attitude though and you may want to think about what you actually want out of sex and what kinds of relationships you want to have in your life. Also, two major things that you do definitely want to worry about when it comes to sex are pregnancy and STDs. A condom is only going to protect you so far in both of those areas so keep that in mind. If you're set on losing your virginity this way, I would actually recommend you go to someone who does sex work professionally.

    That way, at least there will be no expectations from you other than "have you got x dollars?

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    • I Had A 6-Month Plan To Lose My Virginity, Here’s How It Went?
    • Also, if you're angry about being put in the classification of "people like you," refer to above where you unilaterally discount all the women at your school, and then realize that's how it feels. Be honest about your experience level in your profile. But - most importantly - find a way to do that and still be careful. You don't know who you are meeting when you set up a meeting like that. I would use a Google Voice number and an email address you set up especially for this communication, and I'd probably look a little bit away from where I actually lived.

      I would meet that person in a public place first, again a ways away from your regular routine, and I'd see what kind of feeling I got from them - if it is okay, I'd proceed to a hotel that I had picked out, and I wouldn't go back to someone else's place or their choice of hotel if you can help it. And use protection for the actual sex.

      Yes, that sounds uber cautious, maybe I have seen too many SVU episodes or read too many news stories, but you want to be smart about your own safety especially if you are intending to put yourself in a vulnerable position naked and having sex. For one thing, if your partner is more experienced than you which they most likely will be if they are cruising online for hookups, and you're a heterosexual guy , she will know. And think less of you for not just saying so from the beginning. Or if for some reason she doesn't figure it out, she'll just think you're a bad lay.

      Maybe none of this matters to you because you don't care at all about your potential sexual partner's feelings or enjoyment. If that's the case, you need to seriously question your own motives, because that's a shitty way to behave to another person. Except to a professional sex worker, who expects only to be paid promptly and in full, to be treated with basic civility, and to have their boundaries respected. OP, if what you want is to get your rocks off and you don't care about the other person's enjoyment, maybe a professional is the best bet. Just be polite to them, as you are or should be to the person who cuts your hair or cleans your teeth.

      Also, if you want to verse yourself is normal, adult sex "culture" a bit, check out Dan Savage's podcast series. Yes, some of the questions are out there, but most of it is very vanilla, very regular.


      Losing My Virginity Via Craigslist

      Normal people asking normal questions. Some more normal than others. And I'm sure I've heard your scenario there before. In that case, I feel like Dan said to hire a pro and treat her well. The first time you have sex is generally not the best thing ever, but it's made much more pleasant by being with someone who at least cares about you a little. My first advice to you would be to relax; sex will happen sooner or later.

      In my experience, the more you worry about it, the less likely it is to happen.

      Losing My Virginity Via Craigslist - The Casual Sex Project

      Just chill out and do whatever it is you do, and sooner or later someone will pop up who wants to have sex with you, even if you've spent no effort at all to find them. It's one of those weird natural laws. But, if you feel that you must have sex right now , with someone , it's really a pretty easy thing to do. Craigslist is an easy option, but be aware that finding a sexual partner that way is akin to screening potential roommates; you're going to get a shit-ton more weirdos answering your ad than people you'd actually like to bed down with. If you're in a college town, you can probably find a house party to go to on any given weekend.

      You're probably in a class or two with girls who'd like to get down, too; is getting into a study group an option? Athletic activities of any kind are often a solid bet for meeting people, too, with the added benefits that they are good for you, and tend to foster a sort of 'esprit de corps' For me it was capoeira.

      Lastly, I find it hard to believe that on a college campus pretty much anywhere "most of the girls around [there] aren't that hot anyway," and that that is such an impediment to you that you'd rather just have sex with a stranger you met online. If only a 'hot' girl is going to flip your switch, maybe you've set your sights too high.

      What It's Like to Be a 20-Something Virgin on Tinder

      That kind of 'waiting for the perfect person' attitude will probably keep you from having sex with anyone , forever, and is kind of lame besides. And be safe about it, no matter what you do. Dude, are you for real? I can understand where you're coming from- sometimes, sex can start to seem like such a Big Deal that you just want to get it over with and leave the Virgin Club behind forever. The thing is, sex isn't some kind of magical act that transforms you into the kind of person who has sex all the time. It's just another kind of intimacy you have with another person, another thing to do with someone you think is hot when you get naked together.

      What exactly are you trying to get out of this? What do you want your life to look like on the other side? My guess is that if you make this happen, you'll still be in basically the same situation you're in right now- kind of lonely, frustrated with the social scene at your school, and not having sex. You may have marked "Had sex, one time" off your life to-do list, but that's just the beginning!

      You need to remember that you're playing the long game, here. People expect a certain level of idiocy from freshmen boys when it comes to sex and relationships, but that shit gets less cute when you're older and the girls you're going after know a little better. I'm worried that if you start down this path, divorcing the act of sex from the process of developing a relationship with someone that leads to sex, you'll be back on AskMe in 5 years wondering why all of your friends have hot awesome girlfriends and you can't get a date. There are a million questions on this site from guys asking how to flirt with girls, how to get girls to go out with them, how to sustain a relationship- go read them.

      I agree with everything dontjumplarry said; the one caveat I might add is that if part of your reason for doing this is so that down the line with someone whose opinion matters to you, you will be good or at least better in bed - I actually think guys whose sexual experience mainly comes from one night stands are generally a lot worse. Being good in bed is all about learning what this individual person likes, and I think that can take a lot of time and trust to learn, especially if you're dealing with people and especially with young women who might be shy or bashful about it.

      Apologies if sexual prowess is not in fact a factor for you in this. Go for it any way you like, craigslist, sex worker, what-have-you, use protection. Saying your subsequent sex life will be irreparably damaged by the wrong choice now, or hired help is 'really not the best thing for your development into a good sexual partner' just ain't right imho. You clearly want to get the virginity thing out the way, it's getting you down, so go ahead.

      Of course real relationships are much more fun and much more difficult, but you'll find that out in due course. As you can see, lots of people are injecting a 'don't do this' from a moral sense into here. I don't necessarily agree with them, but it really depends on your motivation.

      Why do you want to lose your virginity badly enough to stage a random hookup? Is it performance anxiety? Feeling like you're too old to be a virgin? In these cases I would be wary of rejecting everybody's advice. It would suck to do it and then regret it because you realized you were making this decision for people other than yourself. So I suggest you really think about this.

      However, I'm going to assume based on your post that your reasons are coming from you, internally, that you don't care about 'making it special' and you just want to get laid. Firstly, if you are looking for a craigslist hookup, you should probably lower your attractiveness standards. Getting hot women to sleep with you probably isn't going to happen over the internet without some substantial effort involved on your part.

      If that isn't what you want, I would suggest hiring a professional. If you are interested in something intermediate between a hookup and a traditional date, I might third the suggestion of trying OKcupid. You'll get to look at a fair number of women, but the stakes are pretty low in terms of talking to people and rejection. If you have a good connection with somebody, you might want to sleep with them even more which is a nice bonus. In terms of what to say, I would definitely tell them that you are a virgin.

      You can put this in your profile or wait until you're talking to somebody, up to you, but do make sure to communicate it. That will take a lot of the pressure off you to perform, and you won't have to be second-guessing yourself "Does she know? Hopefully this will let you enjoy it more. Also, I think you'll be more successful if you can show an honest desire to make a good sexual partner. Good partners, for example, care about the sexual pleasure of both parties and not only themselves.

      If you have a fantasy that involves pleasing a partner, mention it wanting to go down on a girl, get her off multiple times, whatever. If you make it all about you, nobody is going to care because they don't know you. If this is your first time, you're nervous and desperate about it, and decide to go toward the "random encounter" angle of things, you could be setting yourself up for some pretty horrible sex. You should at least try to establish something that vaguely resembles a shadow of a traditional relationship, even if you put the entire thing together over the course of a single evening "a movie or something low-key," like jph mentions.

      Foreplay matters, and you should at least pretend to know and like the person that you're fucking. If you're going this route, it's very, very important that the girl understands that you're being shallow, and that the sex is not some sort of DTR. Also; rape is bad; know your boundaries; no means NO. This route also enables the possibility of a real relationship to form around the sex, should the two of you end up enjoying sleeping with each other. Work on figuring out how to make women want to sleep with you, even if it's only for a casual hookup it's not terribly difficult!

      Moral issues aside, I think that you're setting yourself up for some really bad and unfulfilling sex that might not even happen. I'm a homo, so this advice might not be valid for your instance. I'll also use this small text to vent about the fact that almost everything has become some sort of innuendo for sex. Sometimes I really just want to watch a damn movie! Here are the three things that I think you should know, as per your question: You have to go out, to parties and events and extracurricular things, meet people and risk rejection asking girls out.

      If you're already doing this and it isn't helping, it might be because the attitude you express here anonymously " Odds are that you, at age 19, aren't "that hot" either. Perhaps your expectations are based on media portrayals and objectification, rather than acknowledging women as human beings just like you. Try taking a step back and try to get to know some women as friends, and perhaps one or two as girlfriends, without worrying about the getting laid part. Now, about the online sites in particular: Here are the risks: Someone you know who's on the site looking over someone's shoulder, or for a laugh will recognize you and humiliate you by sharing the knowledge.

      So if you do this, remember you're posting your personal information and relationship-seeking status for the world to see. There's no backsies on that. You will be interacting with women who can -- and will -- reject you without a moment's thought. Want to know what it's like to be objectified? Be a profile on a dating site. In the habit of objectifying people already? A dating site will feel nice and comfy to you.

      This will not get you used to rejection in the real world, which is a necessity if you want to succeed in the real world. If you get out there, take a few risks, ask a few girls out, you might not get laid -- but you might make some girl friends who will end up helping you learn more about yourself, improve the way you dress, get rid of some bad habits, get a better haircut, and so on. Nothing helps you be superficially attractive to women like having women tell you how badly you suck, and how to fix those things.

      Online dating is not going to help you get this kind of feedback, unless you meet people often and without the goal of just getting laid and moving on, so you'll never be close enough for them to help you with your faults. Online dating is a legitimate source of relationship starters for a lot of people, but You're just learning how to be an adult.

      You can't even drink yet. You are not going to meet women who are more "hot" than your local girls online, because you're competing with all the other guys who can jump on to OKCupid et al, and why would they be impressed with your year-old ass unless you have something in common with them? Something beyond OKCupid, I mean. Here's something to keep in mind: Or lie about it. But then you might as well lie about the whole thing: I mean, she will probably know you're not a regular casanova, but whether it's your first or your tenth time is not going to be apparent.

      Also — as others have said, 19 is NOT old. Lots of girls in your class year are certainly also virgins. And of the men and women who are not virgins, the vast majority of them are still pretty inexperienced and will be awkwardly fumbling they way through things. These are things, by the way, I wish someone had told me when I was As others have also said, this one-off chance encounter will not be very satisfying, and quite possibly embarrassing, and you won't learn anything from it.

      I'm not saying don't do it because it's morally wrong, or that it's going to be damaging to your emotional development, or any such reason.