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Thanks to this enclosing wall, this courtyard was used by the village population as a fortification during the course of several sieges in the Thirty Years' War. Since the 19th century, a small house has stood on the southern side of the courtyard Am Schlosshof 8. The only approach to the castle runs through the gateway in the 'new' pfleger house.

A passageway, which has several embrasures and smoke exhaust holes facing south, runs on the right hand side on the level to the stables. The building to the south with the hip roof was last remodelled in as the date over the entrance indicates. The hall was also used to stable coaches and is appropriately decorated with a cross vaulted ceiling and surrounding ornamentation.

The beginning of the ascent to the castle which is in the same direction, leads up to a terrace at the top of the first flight of steps.

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From here there is a descent to a rather, lower terrace with the zwinger , whilst the route to the castle continues to the left up a further flight of steps. The hilltop castle may only be accessed via a hexagonal staircase tower , which was built in A spiral staircase with 35 steps opens onto a wooden footbridge to the castle at the point where, until about , there was a drawbridge. The present fixed wooden bridge was built following a survey in , in order to enable the villagers to get to the cistern in the cellar of the south wing.

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The three-winged castle has an open north side, the gable ends of the east and west wings flanking a courtyard. The south wing, together with the other two wings, forms an continuous outer wall. Up to what height the Hohenstaufen foundation walls have survived has not so far been investigated. The cross vaulting of the old castle chapel in the south wing and level with the courtyard, indicates that this part of the castle was extended in the 15th century.

The vaulting covers the passageway from the staircase tower into the courtyard and the present chapel, reduced in size by an internal dividing wall. A survey report mentions three cabinets in the castle. Since then their interiors have been altered several times, for example, in the floral paintings of the hall in the east wing were executed.

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In the courtyard, which opens to the north, are the foundations of the octagonal bergfried with a diameter of roughly 9. This partially collapsed in when it was hit by lightning and was then reduced to the height of the first floor together with its link to the east wing.

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The remaining, initially single-storey stump of the bergfried is recorded in a pen-and-ink drawing made during the Thirty Years' War. The remaining wall stones of the tower were rebuilt to a height of about a metre during its renovation in the s. A roughly metre-high shaft in the courtyard, below the eaves between the south and west wings serves to collect rainwater and feed it into the cistern which is formed by a large cavern in the castle rock.

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The construction survey report mentions that this cistern was still important as a supply of drinking water around When the castle fell into ruins in the first half of the 19th century, the cistern became filled with rubble which has still not been cleared out. Nothing is known about any settlement on the castle rock in pre-mediaeval times. During the renovation of the castle at the end of the s, a late Ottonian [3] disc fibula made of bronze was discovered; its style dating to the end of the 10th century or first quarter of the 11th century.

Because the ornamentation of fibulas soon fell out of fashion with the advent of the Salian dynasty, it was probably lost on the plateau of the zwinger prior to Although it is plausible that the castle rock was thus used as early as the early 11th century, no predecessor structures or remains of last Ottonian or Salian foundation walls have been found.

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What is certain is that the earliest record of the fortress occurred during the Hohenstaufen era, in an deed. Architectural and radiometric investigations of the foundation walls have not been carried out in sufficient detail to be able to date the castle more precisely than the sparse written records have indicated. Thousands of pieces of pottery, uncovered during the renovation of the castle in the s in the courtyard and in the ground layers of the zwinger , date mainly to the Late Middle Ages c.

The majority of surviving pottery pieces date to the period of the establishment of the Nuremberg pfleger office in the 16th century. A selection of these finds is displayed in a glass cabinet in the east wing of the castle. Two transcripts, dating to around , in the archives of Bamberg and Amberg , by contrast, contain not only the text of the Papal Bull , but also a list of all monastic estates, including Hilteboldesdorf cum castro Hiltpoltstein and castle. These properties were apparently not added until the preparation of the transcripts.

The natural park which spreads out over an area of approx. You will find here masterfully placed imported tree species in combination with domestic ones around 1, species and several interesting look-out points and an estate — areas of woodland and fishponds alternating with meadows and dead channels of the stream. There is also an important collection of Rhododendrons boasting approx. More details can be found on the official website www. The best of the Czech Republic or a day trip from Prague returning to the hotel afterwards.