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Have I been broken up with because of it? Have I had a hard time finding a guy at all because of it? The honest answer is no. Well… the real honest answer is that it took me 5 years after ostomy surgery to actually be able to date since beforehand, I weighed much more than I do now thanks to steroids and was extremely awkward and weird thanks to being isolated in the hospital without social interaction for 2 years.

But after 5 years of growing into my body and learning how to socialize, the ostomy never, ever, ever, got in the way of my dating life. Having an ostomy had never once gotten in the way of forming relationships at all. In fact, I used to hope that it would be a filtering device to keep the jerks at bay… but apparently not. Anyhow, I have had such luck in the dating scene with an ostomy that I began to wonder why.

I still wondered, though, how no guy has ever cared about my bag. A lovely girlfriend of mine, new to the Toronto dating scene, decided to sign up for the free online dating site, OKCupid. She showed me how it worked and how she was getting some dates here and there simply from having her profile online. In between the ridiculous messages from guys trying to be funny like this guy …. Some said that they thought was I was doing was awesome, and then would ask for my number. Some would ask me more details about how I got my ostomy, and then ask for my number.

Dating with Crohn's, Colitis, and an Ostomy

Others simply sent a messages saying they had learned something new, hoping to spark up some conversation. I even had one guy remember me from an article in the Western Gazette some 2 years ago!

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Unfortunately, there is one giant flaw. What about the guys who Googled me and decided not to message me because they discovered the ostomy? Because of that, I was unable to calculate my conversation rate. And clearly, with proof from my experiment, there are enough guys out there who literally do not give a crap about the ostomy. I have since shut down my experiment because I am now in a new relationship with a wonderful guy.

A guy who never thought twice about my bag, which he knew about before we even became a couple. When I asked him why he was so accepting of it obviously, because I had to know he said it was not the attitude I have towards it, but the fact that I am confident in myself as a whole. He compared it to the same situation of women who are self-conscious about their weight.

Another thing that you can choose to complain about, another thing to feel bad about, and another thing to get in the way of finding yourself a great boy or girl.

So, friends, the moral of this story is that we should all be comfortable in ourselves no matter what we think is wrong with us. Well to be fair, you are extremely attractive. That might have something to do with the huge number of guys who wanted to date you. Well, thank you, Sally. I do think that it may have had an impact on convincing them to Google me, but that was the point! Jess, you are gorgeous. But I do believe that if I spoke badly and complained about my ostomy all the time that it would definitely negatively affect my dating life. Well lucky you about the dating situation.

I have not been as successful. I mean a few people have been okay with my colostomy but I have had other people say they were not interested in dating someone that had one of those. But just wanted to let you know not everyone has the same situation….

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I am glad that you are upfront about what you have. Have you explained that without it you may not be alive? Are you proud of it? If you are, well then you have saved yourself a lot of time by weeding the women who are not good enough to be with you! I mean I know it will never be reversed. I was in a bad accident that broke my pelvis which severed the colon and muscles in my body. I mean I would definitely be asking you out much like everyone else out there. Well thanks for getting back.

Best wishes, God Bless. I hate my bag…. I try to stay cheerful but inside it eats away at me….. Oh Catherine, you are not alone with that! I am not happy with mine and have spent many days in tears hating it and what the illness has done to my body. If you would like maybe we could talk and share how it makes us both feel, I am feeling a bit more positive about it now as it is here forever I will have to just get on with it.

Happy to talk with you, we can help each other through it.

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I am on FB Samantha Gurling look me up xx. I hope that you will read some more of my blog posts and participate in the Facebook page http: The more you reaffirm the fact that the surgery saved your life or at least gave you a life back that you were missing because of disease the more you will begin to believe it! As you know ostomies are very hard on the old body image, and if someone is maybe only marginally attractive in our shallow beauty oriented society, they might not have your luck. I doubt an ostomy would ever stand in the way of love or real romance, but if it stops a cheap hook-up, then you are probably better off for it.

Does that make any sense??? I completely agree Jess. I have never had an issue dating. I have even had my bag leak on a boyfriend… embarrassing! And he is still around after 5 years. I always wondered if maybe I was just lucky to have found my amazing boyfriend before I had an ostomy. That was amazingly sweet and supportive of your boyfriend. I had a hard time looking at first too. It is sort of weird, and it does take adjustment. She knew there was always a chance that I would have an ostomy again and was there with me when that finally happened. She has been wonderful about it and has learned to change the appliance just in case I should ever find myself in a situation where I am unable to.

Most days I am more worried that my bad mood will drive her away as I try to get back to my healthy self.

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With anything you must love yourself before you can hope to find someone to love you, and that person must also love the you that you love. I met my fiance just before I was diagnosed with UC, the ostomy came along 2 years later, he still loves me, fancies me and plans on spending the rest of his life with me.

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I was pleasantly suprised how much the illness and now a bag does not worry him in the least, actually if anything it is me who has trouble accepting it still! When I first met my husband I had the worse flare up in my life. He was really positive about everything.

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About two years ago I had urgent colostomy surgery. Six months after surgery he asked me to marry him. Accepting the bag has a LOT to do with it too…if you are comfortable with it, it helps a lot. Being in good shape has a lot to do with it as well…. Of course, I also have a face made for radio and am about 10 pounds of grouchy in a 5 pound sack.

Having said that…confidence is the first key…. And not the good kind that you keep on your side and do nice things like save your life…the bad kind that say horrible, hurtful things and cause bad feelings…. Well, that was going to happen anyhow- and not always because of the bag. Find someone who accepts you. Find someone who interests you. Find someone who gives you that…Feeling. The one that tells you this person is someone you can stand who can stand you. This was really inspiring to me. I never thought I would consider a online forum for support but I think you may be stuck with me now. I have had an ileodtomy for 12 years now, most in which I was married.

I am now divorced and have started dating. I never mention the fact that I have an ostomy until I am comfortable with a man. Some seem curious, some concerned that they might hurt me which is cute and funny , and some find ways to politely say that we are not compatible.

I just say ok and move on; however, it does secretly tear me up inside when I know we had a great connection until I mention my ostomy. I consider myself beautiful inside and out. Thanks for raising Ostomy awareness though. This really only applies to women.

As a mid thirties male with a colostomy bag I have realistically no hope of having even a decent fringe love life let alone a normal or good one. I know many men with ostomies who have gone on to live very happy lives with a wife and family. I find it is really just about the attitude presented towards it that makes the difference. Hopefully, with a positive attitude, you can find this, as well.

I had the reversal after 30 days in the hospital. Going into surgery 5 ft. Next up my son 20 in a little less than a year from mine, my daughter 17 in We all have this genetic none recessive gene. I lived an awful childhood. My husband who as of lives in a nursing home. Chemo and all the hospitalization I had was unsafe for him to be alone. Furniture skating and Multiple Sclerosis he fell down the basement stairs and had a stroke and heart attack. Two more years, two kids still needing financial and medical support. I went back to work and my daughter and I took shifts with physical therapy for him.

The bowel may have to be rerouted through a stoma. This page will provide information, help, support and advice. Stomawise donates their educational and comforting Ostobears to the children undergoing ostomy surgery or to give help to Ostomates all over the UK. Mostly, to remind each other daily of how blessed we are at being given a second chance at life. I recommend you are over the age of Some members just starting their frightening journey, some having a reversal after a temporary stoma and some with a bag for life.

I love that we are drama free. Respect everyone and any issues inbox admin. This includes Women who have Ostomies or J-pouches. This group is a place to discuss and share your experiences and to educate people of a life with an ostomy. Donat ed unused Ostomy supplies of any type to be made available to those that need them. This group will enable ostomates to find each other easily. The group is to support pregnant women and moms with Ostomies and J-pouches. Women who want to become pregnant and have questions.

While we are geared toward the US market, but we do welcome members from other countries on a case-by-case basis.