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Access the sign in to YouTube account link via Roku and it will pop up an 8-digit code to activate your YouTube account. Just sign in to your account using a laptop or Smartphone and enter the code to link your Roku with your YouTube account.

Roku Tutorial: The Basics of Roku. What is a Roku?

You can pair your phone, tablet or laptop with your Roku account. After activating your YouTube account, Roku will give you another code to pair your digital device with it. Alternatively, you can scan the code using the QR code reader on your phone. Now you can enjoy watching youtube on roku. You can simply go to the link to check if your device or TV model is listed in it to make sure it is a Roku-ready device. Media Streaming Device Guide 1. How to check if your device is a Roku ready certified device Part 1: Given that it includes Roku functionality, that was quite a bargain.

We now have three such TVs, one inch, one inch, and one inch. They're inexpensive, easy to use, and excellent quality. My point about these TVs is that with them or a Roku box or an Apple TV , there's no real need for a cable box anymore. If you get YouTube TV, you get many of the expected cable channels, and connecting to the service and watching couldn't be easier. We DVR'd Sunday's musical and it's now in our library.

I also recorded some live video and scheduled some videos for future recording. Notably, there's no space limit to the cloud DVR, so record all you want.

Enter the TV code on your computer

That said, if you don't watch a recording within 9 months, it'll be gone. Not sure how long that feature will last, but it's nice. You can have up to three streams playing at once. The search function is not bad, but not as comprehensive as you might expect from a Google property. I typed in "Babylon" and it brought me to Babylon 5. The search did not turn up The West Wing , even though he was a cast member in a few seasons.

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There are some availability issues for YouTube TV. When I first tried to sign up for it, back in Florida, my locale was not supported by the service. We did run into one weird snag trying to sign up.

Watch YouTube on TV with a TV code - YouTube Help

We first tried signing up on my wife's Google account. It denied her, saying she had a "branded account. This is definitely odd, because she's a very basic YouTube user. I didn't do much more research into the problem because we signed up under my account and were able to watch the show we were interested in.

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Your mileage may vary. That's particularly important for local channels. He tells me he prefers YouTube TV.

I haven't tried traveling and using the service yet, but Steven tells me that when he's in a different city, he gets the channels local to that city. Steven will be back with a comprehensive comparison of these cable TV replacement streaming services some time in the near future.

I last looked at Sling TV two years ago , and at that time it was horrible. It didn't allow pausing for many channels, it had no DVR capability, and -- at the time -- it couldn't even provide a reliable stream. Steven says Sling has improved considerably it's now his second choice. Unlike my experience with Sling a few years ago, the YouTube TV streaming experience has been virtually flawless.

That said, I'm not going to extend my trial and go for the monthly subscription. When new seasons of my favorite History Channel shows come out, I buy them on iTunes and spend a lot less than even a month's cable service. Why I kicked my cable TV company to the curb.

What is Roku? How does Roku Work?

I decided I was sick of spending crazy amounts of money for video content I could get for free, or for far less using various streaming services. I'll tell you this. I'll probably never use a cable TV box again, even for the elections. Scroll down by pressing the down button on your remote to the Most Popular Channel category.

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  • You will find YouTube here. Add YouTube to your list of channels. View the Roku home screen.

    see url You will see the YouTube channel in the My Channels tab on the home screen. Now you can start streaming videos from YouTube. YouTube isn't an administrative application. You'll have to download it yourself from the app store. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 3. What can I do if Youtube is requesting my pin but I set my account to not require one? Answer this question Flag as