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You should be able to hand tighten them till you get on in there a little further.

And try to put this gasket on their straight, so you want to tighten it a little bit at a time on both sides. Give it a nice flush appearance cross here, so just a nice seat in there, so it doesn't leak. What that does is that water pushes out against that plate, the flange plate, gives you a nice water tight seal. So it's now done right in there. I am going to put a plastic nut and connectors on here. I am going to shove that all the way in and I am going to take the piece of flex hose fitting, put that on there and tighten it up.

How to Hook Up a Dual-Compartment Sink With Disposal

This time I'll leave it just hand tight just a little bit loose for now and we'll comeback and snug it up in a minute. Now we are going to come up to the sink strainer and we have a dish washer on this, so we have to have a dishwasher discharge tube. So we have bought a piece that has discharge tube built in.

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When I attach this to the flange, I am going to point the discharge tube towards the dishwasher pipe that's coming out. I am going to hand tighten these. Then we are going to come down with a section of pipe, join into our piece that's coming over from the disposal. Slip it underneath the tail pipe. Sure we are not cross turning these things, really easy to do.

Go ahead and connect that.

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Bryce 7, 6 36 I just figured out why there is standing water in the garbage disposal. I really need some help. How can I make this work? Again, I live in a condo and I cannot touch the drain pipe. Been trying to find something online with the same situation but hoping someone else has come across this and has a fix that is also to code. Have a feeling my set up is not. The only solution is to lower the drain at the wall. Your options are to: Raise the disposal output with a different disposal Raise the sink with a different, shallower sink, or at least a shallow drain for the disposal Lower the drain at the wall.

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I guess there is just no way around this. I am not the most handy dude around, hence a bit hesitant to lower the drain pipe. Measure the distance between the tee outlet and garbage disposal outlets and cut a piece of flanged PVC extension pipe to that length with a hacksaw. Slide the rubber disposal washer on the flanged end of the pipe, then slide the mounting bracket for the disposal onto the pipe.

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Follow this with a compression nut and washer for connection to the tee. Feed the pipe into the tee outlet and tighten the compression nut to hold it, then push the flanged end of the pipe into the disposal outlet and secure the mounting bracket with the screws that came with it. Mount a P-trap assembly to the bottom end of the tee and tighten the compression nut by hand. Rotate the trap to meet the drain inlet in the wall, which should already be equipped with a P-trap adapter. Secure the trap to the adapter with a compression nut and tighten the nut by hand.

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Skip to main content. Tip After completing the installation, fill each sink separately and let the water out, watching for leaks as the water drains.