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Some men feel that because you had sex with them one time then they can always get it from you whenever they like. Some men think that because a woman has a child with him he is still entitled to sex. Women are standing their ground. If she broke up with you, she breaks all ties with you. Do not see a woman on the road and harass her.

If she is interested she will let you know. A grown man knows when a woman likes him from when she does not. She will hate you with a passion and you ruin any chances you might ever have with her. Men will insist that a woman keeps up her physical appearance and yet he will gain weight, grow his hair and facial hair without any complaints from his partner. Women are saying men should try to keep in shape and maintain a good physique. A woman might not say it but she wants a man with an impeccable body,a good job, money, a good size penis and the whole works.

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Most Women will settle for a less than ideal partner while some men insist on perfection and think becuase they have money, they can come as they are, beer belly and all. Women want help in the home.

It does not emasculate you to assist with the chores. Doing chores together creates an opportunity for bonding and some good reasoning. You are not less of man if you assist with washing the clothes, ironing and cooking.

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Women adore men who are willing to help out in the home, spend time with children, assist with homework and watch television with their partner. She is not trying to upset you, she merely needs reassurance. If you do not want her, just put her out onto the streets and you will be surprised at the number of men who would be interested in her. What you are not willing to do, some other man will. We are in a relationship with you and not with your friends or your family members.

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It is full time men learn how to tell their mothers, sisters and female cousins to respect their partners even if they do not like them. Friends who are still bachelors must learn to respect their male friends who are in a relationship. If they volunteer, then by all means accept or reject the offer, but you should have all the resources available to show your date a good time. If you do not have the means, forget inviting this person out until you are confident you can afford to.

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When the person accepts your invitation to go on a date, you should disclose the intended venue, the dress code, the time and all the pertinent information needed for the date. Do not invite the person out and when they dress inappropriately you get upset. All of this must be discussed after the invitation is accepted. If you are invited to a restaurant, do not order the most expensive meal on the menu simply because you will not be paying. Have a bit of decency.

Do not order things you cannot pronounce or spell, or food you do not know about just because you can. If there is a budget restriction, full disclosure of this is needed so that your date can know your limitations. Do not brag about having lots of money and when it is time to pay, you are searching for money you never had. If you have unlimited funds then by all means you can solicit suggestions from your guest about where to go for the date, but if you are working on a budget you need to decide what you can afford and plan around that.

Do not ask your date, "Where would you like to go? I cannot stress enough that full disclosure is the way to go; it will save you from that unavoidable embarrassment that is looming around the corner.

If you really want to know someone, then the cinema is not the ideal place for a first date. You need to go somewhere relaxing, quiet and peaceful, somewhere that is conducive to good conversation.

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Do not invite someone to your home on the first date. That is far too quiet. On a first date, it is very important that you avoid the topic of your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend. Do not overwhelm your date by talking about the number of baby mothers and baby fathers that you have. Just give a brief synopsis of your past relationships, but do not give too much information immediately.

Leave some of the information for dates two and three. You do not want this date to be about them. I'm also a quiet person when we first meet but once I get to know you more, you gonna ask me to shut up. If you got questions, hit me up Carly22 , 22 y. I am Gemini, cm 5' 3'' , 62 kg lbs.

I love to travel and meet new persons.

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I am a fun, loving, jovial person who will go above and beyond for the persons I love and I am also family oriented. I am looking for someone who is ready for a serious relationship.. Princesslee16 , 32 y. I am Cancer, cm 5' 3'' , 66 kg lbs. Im a easy going individual, a speaker, fun to be around and enjoy engaging meaningful coversations. AmoyRose , 28 y. I am Pisces, cm 4' 12'' , 40 kg lbs. Hmm well yeah, I like to be spoiled and believe that what you put out is what you receive so if I get good treatment then good treatment is given in return.

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I hate wasting my time people so if you are a time waster the.. Gabana25 , 26 y.