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The Hidden Economics of Online Dating

However, this sugar daddy experience may not be what you are looking for. When you are interested in finding a mate who is more interested in who you are as a person and in making a true connection, MillionaireMatch. This website connects educated, successful and mature individuals through a special algorithmic screening and connection system.

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While there are many high income dating sites that you can use, EliteSingles. While you can potentially meet a millionaire through EliteSingles.

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While most of its members fit a certain set of criteria, some do fall outside of these criteria for age and education. Nonetheless, with the algorithm that it uses, you may be able to easily screen out individuals who are not desirable to you as a potential partner. While some wealthy individuals want to meet a millionaire like them, others have a desire to find a sugar baby or a male sugar baby. Regardless of whether you are a sugar baby, a male sugar baby, a sugar daddy or a sugar mama, SeekingArrangement. You may know exactly what type of arrangement that you want, but it can be hard to find a like-minded partner.

While many high income dating sites have strict background checks and membership requirements, DateAMillionaire. This is a free website that is open for anyone to use, and it has a strong membership base. When searching for dating sites for high income earners, you may not want to limit your options.

Some high income dating sites only allow other high income earners to be members.

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However, this means that you may not be able to connect to ordinary people who may be interested in you rather than in your money. This dating website offers:. If you are looking for a high income dating site that is also open to others who have lower levels of income, DateAMillionaire. This website is focused on helping individuals who are interested in a serious relationship to connect regardless of their income level, but it caters to connecting you with high net worth individuals.

Top 7 High Income Dating Sites - Millionaire Dating Sites

The quest to find the right individual to partner with for a no-strings-attached, mutually beneficial arrangement can be challenging, but SugarDaddie. While there are multiple high income dating sites that target the sugar daddy and sugar baby experience, SugarDaddie. Just think about the numerous economic judgments we are making while dating online. First off, we are essentially estimating our own value which may or may not be accurate , Adshade notes.

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And we make these judgments against the backdrop that we are all, sadly, depreciating assets. Wait too long for an ideal person, and you could miss out on quality matches, who will eventually be snapped up themselves. There are also competing economic theories at work. One note to remember: Annual income is just one financial data point, and probably not even the most important one. Broaden the criteria you are looking for in a mate. Indeed, the tall, rich guy with a full head of hair is probably off the market already, she says.

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