Style savvy trendsetters dating dominic

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  • Style Savvy: Trendsetters Answers for 3DS.

Ask a question Start a discussion. OK, does Dominic ever date you??? Now tell the tru..

Style savvy trendsetters dating dominic

Now tell the truth. I don't like liars. Add your answer 27 Answers. Best Answer Guest answered: Added 6th Jul , ID Showing latest comments show all 28 Guest said: Click here to comment on this answer. Added 26th Jul , ID Added 29th Jul , ID Showing latest comments show all 11 Guest said: He gives you a rare masquerade outfit that cant be bought at the buyers center on the birthday set on your ds but that is it. Added 8th Aug , ID Added 9th Aug , ID Showing all comments Guest said: Added 12th Oct , ID Showing latest comments show all 8 Guest said: Nintendo deserves divine punishment.

Why did I play this game and ended up regretting it so much No he does not ask you on a date. All he ever does in the game is flirt with you. Added 4th Jan , ID Added 10th Feb , ID What does he do if your birthday is on valentines day?! Added 4th Mar , ID Once you get then reset the time to 6 months ahead. That is I am going to do.

Right now I have only served 78 so, fingers crossed! All I could do was hope that whenever I visit Godfrey, it would be Dominic instead Added 20th Mar , ID Added 27th Apr , ID Im not sure yet. I only had customers. I'll reply back when I know. Added 28th Apr , ID So you mean to say 1, customers then bday? Added 14th May , ID Are you sure because I've reached the th mark ages ago.

All I see is him in his mansion replacing Godfrey! Added 19th May , ID Added 22nd May , ID Please let it worj.

OK, does Dominic ever date you??? Now tell the tru..

Added 15th Jun , ID If it is, I am willing to delete my level just to go back in time. Added 28th Jul , ID Five years have approximately passed, have you tried the rumors?

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  • OK, does Dominic ever date you??? Now tell the truth. I do.. - Style Savvy Questions!

Or have you like moved on? I can't cling to tiny hopes, I might just die. Added 24th Dec , ID Is that what it's called in Europe? To be technical, Style Savvy is rated E.

How Style Savvy Was Changed In The US Ft. SharkyHatGamer

Customers and other characters talk about and even go on dates. Some boys will invite you on dates and so on. I've played other games with the same rating where you can have a child given your married of course. However these games aren't as graphic as so much as a gentle peck on the cheek. I just don't see what you mean. My mom is totally fine with me and my little sisters playing these. Which says a lot considering my mom is crazy about keeping me from anything inappropriate.

I think your taking this to extreme. Besides, we shouldn't be getting off topic.

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This doesn't help answer the question. Anyway, I've seen tons of rumors but none of them are guaranteed. Another rumor that wasn't mentioned here I think was owning all the styles as well as having customers, wining all the contests, and having a 5 star boutique. What I think is, Dominic will ask you on a date. From what I can infer, you have to go right away. It'll probably be just dinner at his mansion and you'll talk a bit.

Are you looking for style savvy trendsetters dating dominic?

I once heard his favorite brand was Penbridge. I doubt it, though. I haven't experienced this but I hope it was helpful! There's also that he gives you a cake and a Fairy outfit on your birthday.

Style savvy trendsetters dating dominic, that you?!

Does Dominic have a fetish for magical girls? Dominic, Grace, and Renee show up in Trendsetters! Grace and Renee started talking about the previous player at the cafe one time! I haven't gotten far enough to see what Dominic has to say about her, but I'm exited! It will seriously break my heart if he's into Grace now because they went to the restaurant once and Grace had a new dress I gave her. But they were talking business and kidding each other so I don't know.

Added 11th Mar , ID Added 17th Apr , ID Added 25th Jun , ID Added 2nd Jul , ID He does ask you out, I have been on the date before but accidentally deleted the game. Added 30th Jul , ID Furthermore, after winning your first International Contest, in the succeeding International Contests you partake in, Dominic asks to drive your character home, but backs out in embarrassment. You can go to the cafe, take a photo with, and even watch fireworks withe a couple of them, but that's as far as it goes! Mar 24 [] Answer from: Jan 23 [] Answer Money scams on dating websites Nov 17 [] Answer from: Savvy Brad almost asks you out but he chickens out but I forgot when he does take you to see the fireworks Posted on: But i'm not shure about it 'cause i don't have customers yet.

It'd be a nice feature to include dating, but I'm assuming that'd be difficult to incorporate because it means more interaction scenes, dialogue, etc. I also like that Style savvy trendsetters dating dominic a cafe somewhere in the game.

Not sure if it'll ever get an international release though. Throughout the game, he hints heavily that he has developed romantic feelings for you, but you have little control over how to respond to these events. Sometimes, I go on pretend dates with the guys on there.

Dominicis that you?! - Style Savvy: Trendsetters Message Board for 3DS - GameFAQs

Is the Reed guy. This outfit is the only Masquerade outfit you can obtain without going to the Buyer's Center when Masquerade has an exclusive item or obtaining it as a contest prize. Reed just talks about baths. After that didn't work either i put on my maid skirt and went to my shop. PeachxMario PeachxMario 5 years ago 4 maybe this time those little girls can finally date their dominic Touko Brad does almost ask you out, but he says nevermind.: Apr 4 [] Answer from: P I also like the fact that it's a new town and that there's a lot of places to go.

Katherine flear Well how come i went on fashion plaza and went on a girls profile and it showed her holding phillips hand at the roze garden there has to be dating in this game i swear.